They study the efficacy of cosmetics made with EVOO on the skin of people with digestive ostomy
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  • They study the efficacy of cosmetics made with EVOO on the skin of people with digestive ostomy



Researchers from the University of Granada (UGR) have promoted an agreement with the company Notaliv Cosmética Natural that will allow the development of a line of research to test the efficacy of its products in the care of peristomal skin. Thanks to him, the company will donate natural cosmetics based on extra virgin olive oil. The donation has materialized through the Directorate of Social Projection, Sponsorship and Patronage of the Granada educational center.

This group of experts has been developing for more than a decade a line of research on the care of people with digestive ostomy. These are people who, after suffering colon / rectal cancer, for the most part, have to be carriers of an ostomy and, as a consequence, carry a device or collection bag that collects the intestinal evacuation products. As a result of the investigations carried out and the available evidence, it has been found that the deterioration of the peristomal skin (skin that surrounds the stoma and that is occupied by the device or bag) is one of the problems that most affects quality life of these people, as reported by the UGR.

Caring for this skin is key as it acts as a protective barrier against the external environment. In stoma therapy clinics, it is usually the stoma therapist nurse who is responsible for monitoring and promoting self-care for people with ostomies. Among the objectives of the care plan is the recommendation of the appropriate products for the hygiene and protection of the peristomal skin, being a field in constant investigation.

Throughout history, the use of olive oil for hygiene and skin care has been confirmed. For decades, its use in hospitals and health centers is common, as a compound of products that are used for different purposes. The UGR has specified that its efficacy in the prevention of ulcerated lesions or its potential in the prevention of skin cancer has been demonstrated. In addition, organic EVOO has recently been studied as a solution for the prevention and treatment of pain and cracks in the nipple of women during breastfeeding.


Manufacture of cosmetics from EVOO

Notaliv is a manufacturer of natural cosmetics located in the town of Villacarrillo (Jaén). Its cosmetics is based on a product as natural as olive oil and other natural oils. In addition to the manufacture of products, it has among its missions the dissemination of the topical use of EVOO, so this agreement helps to strengthen its commitment to research in this field, according to the University of Granada.

The line of work that is intended to be developed with the products of this company includes the application of gels and creams that guarantee the correct functioning of the ostomy device, especially in what has to do with its placement and removal. The moisturizing, regenerating and protective properties of EVOO suggest its effectiveness in maintaining the integrity of skin as vulnerable as the peristomal skin.

The gAOVEstoma project is the first study to be launched within this line. This is a pilot study whose objective is to test the efficacy of a gel with ecological EVOO in the hygiene of the peristomal skin. This product is a neutral gel, which is a feature recommended by ostomy care guidelines.

The use of organic EVOO not only prompts its potential for skin protection, but also incorporates as an added value that it is an organic product obtained through a cultivation process that is respectful with the environment and with less potential for toxicity.

Los responsables de esta investigación son César Hueso Montoro y Concepción Capilla Díaz, profesores del departamento de Enfermería de la UGR e investigadores del grupo CTS-436. El estudio se llevará a cabo en las consultas de estomaterapia del Hospital Universitario San Cecilio (HUSC) y del Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves (HUVN), de Granada. Participarán las enfermeras responsables de esas consultas, Josefa Martín Cebrián (HUVN) y Rosa Huertas Fernández (HUSC), que contarán con el apoyo de dos enfermeras más, también expertas en estomaterapia, Inmaculada Sánchez Crisol (HUSC) y Noelia Moya Muñoz (HUVN).

In addition, the professor and researcher at the University of Jaén Francisco Pedro García Fernández, current coordinator of the Chair for Advanced Studies in Wounds at said University, will participate as advisor. The study is expected to begin in October of this year. In addition, the project already has the approval of the Granada Provincial Research Ethics Committee.




Source: Mercacei

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