Use BETIS Olive Oil to cook fish and shellfish

Food scarcity has made men turn their eyes towards the sea again to obtain its delicious products: fish, shellfish, algae... The modern fishing techniques generate a higher and more profitable production; the cooling system also contributes to this process by preventing the fish products from spoiling and keeping them in perfect conditions during the transport even to the most remote places in the world.

2015-08-13-La-cocina-que-sale-del-aguaIn the past people could eat seafood only in ports or other well connected places. Today, the salted or frozen fish products can reach everywhere. Many commercial companies cook or precook the seafood products in the same fishing boat, to guarantee the products' perfect conditions for conservation.

This new system has largely expanded in recent years because the different preparations offer a maximum efficiency. Moreover, this will solve some housewives' emergency problems to the housewives although the price is a little higher than the unprepared frozen sea products one.

The fresh fish is still a luxury food for everyone, but the price is getting higher and higher due to the lack of production. Same thing happens to the shellfish products. However, the great taste of these marine products and their nutritional value make them worth to consume.

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