Strengthen defense system with olive oil and other natural ingredients

Winter is already here, the temperature changes more suddenly than usual and it gets lower and lower. All these variations could cause an imbalance of our health, and this is the reason why we need to care more about our defense system.

We have to fight symptoms like fever, malaise, cough, runny nose and shivering, that appear with the cold winter.

Colds and flu catch us inadvertently and by surprise, that is why it is important to know that preventive methods like vigilance and strengthening of our defenses can help us to avoid such undesirable situations. The daily diet plays an important role and we have to adapt our provisions as there are many ways to build a natural pharmacy that can help us to complete this goal.

As we all know, many basic ingredients from our kitchen as for example, garlic, onions, thyme, oregano, ginger, lemon, cloves etc. can keep us healthy and enhance our defense system. All of them are excellent natural antibiotic which can also be prepared easily.

We can simply put these ingredients separately in small bottles or small glass jars, fill them with BETIS olive oil and then keep them in a cool, dark place.

As for the garlic, you can scratch them and put them directly into the olive oil for en efficient effect.

For those who do not like the spicy flavor of garlic, can use another simple remedy: heat the water in a small bowl, put some peeled garlic into a spoon or a skimmer, then dip them quickly three times in the hot water. The next step is introducing the dipped garlic into the olive oil, you can cut them into smaller pieces if needed.

You can add a laurel leaf into each bottle to enrich the olive oil and make the digestion easier.

These oils are perfect for numerous cuisine uses: dressing salads, pasta, fish and grilled meats; enrich toasted bread and breakfast, prepare snacks or sandwiches, or you can simply use them to marinate fish or meat before the cooking.

They will give your dishes an extra flavor and all the vitamins and nutrients contained will help us to strengthen our defense system.

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