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The days are starting to get longer and summer is slowly approaching, are you prepared?

The high temperature has a significant influence to our daily diet: during the summer time, it is necessary to eat foods with high content of water, for example, fruits, vegetables, salads and fishes, or foods which can absorb water like pasta and beans.

In these months, we need less calories because our body does not need to work to maintain the temperature, this allows us to carry out a diet to lose weight in an easy way. Remember, always choose the fresh food to avoid the heavy feeling in summer.

The refreshing dishes like cold soup or salads are more appetizing than ever, they are also easy to prepare so we can have more time to enjoy the day light, and of course, they are very beneficial for our health.

Olive oil is recognized worldwide for its delicious taste and numerous benefits, inevitably, it is also the key of the summer dishes: olive oil can make them more digestive. As a matter of fact, the consumption of olive oil rises during the summer time.

Salads are another star in the summer kitchen,  they are fresh, cool and hydrating, a dish of salad dressed with olive oil can make you feel healthy and empowered especially in the hot season.

The cold soups are very popular in Spain and other Mediterranean countries, these soups contain only the fresh season vegetables, they are easy to prepare, light, and full of vitamins and energy, which is good for refreshing in summer. The key to get an extraordinary flavor is use the olive oil to season.

The most famous dish is gazpacho which is prepared with tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, onion, garlic, olive oil, vinegar and salt. Salmorejo is also a popular soup made with tomatoes, bread, garlic and olive oil. You can also be creative using your favorite vegetables and fruits to make your own summer cold soup, just remember, always add some olive oil to make it more tasty.

How about enjoying an ice cream with your family? Everyone loves ice cream! And now,  olive oil can help you to make it healthier and tastier. More and more chefs choose to use olive oil to prepare desserts because the refreshing flavor it can bring and the nutritive elements.

You can visit our web to see more recipes and get some inspiration for your summer meals!

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