Moisturizing soap made with Extra Virgin olive oil

If you want to prepare a moisturizing soap with Extra Virgin olive oil for your family, pay attention to these instructions! Ingredients:
- 1 L. of BETIS Extra Virgin olive oil. - 126 g. of caustic soda. -300 ml. of water. Important note:
It is necessary to use gloves and eye protection during the entire process and choose a very well - ventilated place for the mixing and cooking steps.
Add caustic soda, carefully, into the water, stir the mixture until the soda dissolves completely getting a not very turbid color.
Put the olive oil into a pot and heat it with low flame until the oil reaches similar temperature to the soda and water mixture.
Once they have the same temperature, pour slowly the soda and water mixture into the olive oil, and begin to stir. When the new mixture begins to have a texture like mayonnaise, turn off the flame and continue the stirring until we get a texture like mashed potatoes. You can add a few drops of essential oil.
Put the liquid soap into molds and wait until cool down.
Now we have finished the whole process.

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