Cooking tips part I

There are countless cooking tricks to improve and make easier the preparation of our dishes. Here we present you a list of some cooking tips with olive oil. In future entries, we will continue sharing more tricks with you. Perfect fried food: olive oil is perfect for frying because it withstands well high temperatures without burning during the cooking. Besides, olive oil penetrate less the food. Tastier black olives: in order to preserve better black olives, store them in a glass jar with two cloves of garlic, some thyme and olive oil, this will strengthen the fruits' typical flavor. Use chard stalks: dip the chard stalks in batter and then fry them with olive oil. They are delicious as a side dish for meats. Improve the mayonnaise sauce: if you want to improve and enhance the taste of supermarket-bought mayonnaise, add a drizzle of BETIS Extra Virgin olive oil into it and stir. Fried rice: to prevent the rice from sticking, use olive oil and heat it well in the pan before adding the rice. Tenderize meat: mix vinegar and olive oil in equal parts and marinate the meat for 1 hour. Dishes with more flavor: prepare a marinade of olive oil with a little thyme, 1 laurel leaf, crushed parsley, white pepper and salt. Marinate the ingredients for 2 hours before cooking and meat will be much tastier. Light dumplings: to prepare dumplings with less fat and fewer calories, instead of frying, you can cook them in the oven with a drop of olive oil on each one of them. Prevent butter from burning: add 1 tablespoon of olive oil when you melt the butter to keep it away from burning or darkening during the heating process. It will keep all its flavor and color. Lighter steaks: fry the steaks in the pan one after another with very hot oil. Therefore, the meat will absorb less oil and become lighter and more digestible. You should add salt at the end of cooking or immediately after removing the steak from pan not to lose the juice. Lighter spicy: to soften the spicy flavor of stew, fry the chilli in olive oil and then remove it. Tasty nuts: to enhance the flavor of nuts, roast them in oven or in a pan with olive oil. Crispier homemade bread: if you want to make your homemade bread crispier, paint the dough with a brush soaked with olive oil before putting it into the oven.

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