The great challenge of opening a BETIS store devoted to olive oil in Tajikistan.
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  • The great challenge of opening a BETIS store devoted to olive oil in Tajikistan.

Tajikistan is one of the smaller countries of the former Soviet Republic some decades ago. It is in the heart of Central Asia with borders with several countries as China to the east, Afghanistan to the South, Uzbekistan to the west, and north and Kyrgyz Republic.

The population is estimated at almost 10 million people, who commonly speak the Tajik language, Russian but English is increasing too.

According to some International Institutions such as the World Bank, it is in the top 5 countries with higher economic growth during the last five years.

In fact, we could note it during our trip to Dushanbe, the capital. Many new avenues, parks and building were buildings have been built since our last visit in 2019.

In this context, we began to export our olive oil to that country where our importer decided to open a store for our products as a reference point in the city to buy olive oil, and a meeting point with their current customers. A big effort should be still made to promote the benefits of olive oil among local people and to educate them about the properties of olive oil for our health, but with such a dynamic and enthusiastic team business and leadership will get for sure. 

Would you like to see a video of the opening?

Click here to watch it!


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