From the Roman Empire Times to the present day.
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Andalusia has always been a strategic crossroad for many ancient civilizations (Phoenician, Greeks, Romans….) who very early discovered the wealth and goods of our region, which could be developed and commercialized with other. And many footprints of this old trade are still being discovered following today.

The Underwater Archaeology Center of the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage (IAPH) will study the heritage residing in the depths of the coasts of Cadiz, in the South of Spain.

This project called “Vestigium” will excavate the shipwrecks found there, where they already found some olive oil amphoras.

These amphoras shows that Olive Oil was one of the most important goods traded, as wine, fish etc and how they were shipped by boats to reach mainly the “Mare Nostrum” (actual Mediterranean Sea) and some other points in Europe and Africa, the Known world to those ancient civilizations at that time.

The history is so linked to nowadays; in fact, our brand name “Betis” comes from the “Baetica”, which was one of the three Roman provinces created in the Iberian peninsula at that time.

The process has been improving every day since then, but the essence is still there.

It is the essence of a millenary product that currently reaches every corner of the world, as Betis has been doing since 1914.

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