R+D (Research and development)

In TORRES Y RIBELLES, S.A., our Spanish headquarters, we are compromised with Research, Development and Innovation, applying this in a day to day basis. Thanks to our big constant efforts, nowadays we are one of the 10 greater olive oil exporters in Spain.

We continuously adapt to each market demand as to the inclinations of our consumers and more demanding clients. Our factory is in constant process of modernization and improvement, both in machinery level (establishing new production lines and adapting the existing ones for new bottle formats) as to installations level.

In the almost 100 years that we’ve been in the industry, and due to our growth, we have seen us forced to relocate in three occasions, building three different factories. Concretely the last transfer took place in 1991 when we established our new facilities in a modern factory, gifted with the most advanced techniques of elaboration and bottled of the market. Due to the great acceptance of our products and the opening of new markets, in 1997 we decided to expand our installations in Seville, Spain.

The continuous investment in innovation and improvement of our installations make us capable to bottle 150,000 liters of oil in 8 hours, in 20 different formats among glass, pet and tins. Our tanks have a storage capacity of more than 1,600,000 kilograms.

Our products and processes surpass the rigorous quality controls established, giving us full compliance to the applicable legislations of different markets, either European like international. That is why we have obtained certifications as the ISO-9001 and Regulatory Codex Alimentarius CAC/RCP of the System APPCC offered by the Lloyd’ s Register Quality Assurance, HACCP and FSSC 22000.

We also collaborate with the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain in the bottled materials inspections according to the specifications of delivery of different suppliers. Also carrying out controls of the dimensional type , resistance, absence of esthetic defects, functionality, among others. We work with laboratories accredited and endorsed by the Department of Spanish Health.

TORRES Y RIBELLES S.A., a centenary company, guarantee of innovation and quality.