Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was just around the corner, bringing with it a fascinating tradition steeped in mythology and culture. Did you know that in Chinese mythology, a mythical creature named Nian (Traditional: 年獸, Simplified: 年兽, Pinyin: nián shòu) emerges from the depths of the sea at the beginning of spring to terrorize people, especially children? That's right!

The Chinese word for "year" is based on the arrival of this creature, and a common saying during Chinese New Year, guo nian (Traditional: 過年, Simplified: 过年), literally means "passing the beast."

According to tradition, Nian emerges to attack people at the same time the new year begins. However, the Chinese have developed a series of rituals to scare away this creature. The custom of decorating in red, setting off firecrackers, and performing lion dances with loud cymbals and gongs not only adds joy and festivity to the celebrations but is also believed to frighten Nian and keep it at bay.

We extend our warmest wishes for a prosperous and joyful celebration. We wish you a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year!


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